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June 18, 2019

If you are working for a company which has online presence probably you have heard word or two about it.

Do you really know what is SEO?

When people come to me they often say, that is that thing with backlinks and blog. Yes, you are right, but that is an only small part of it and if you are going to hire someone to get you backlinks and put a bunch of articles on your website you will probably never come up on daylight.

In this, I article I will try to brake SEO in several sections which I will explain in detail and if I am making a mistake please feel free to correct me.

SEO stands for“Search Engine Optimization” and in reality means, using the best practices in development, design, content production, UX to provide relevant content for your users and crawlers.

Google Ranking

It is not easy to satisfy all those requests under one roof, but all of those aspects must adapt to a certain extent. Beautiful design doesn’t mean the crawler will find your website or user will want to interact. The best text content will not receive the clicks if it is not styled properly. Most advanced technologies will not give you ranking because they represent the challenge to crawlers.

All that takes you to the one premises in today’s SEO: “Keep it simple!”.

What are the pillars of SEO?


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a technique of creating footpath for crawlers so they can understand the website. How it is built, for which market is built, what is it (shop, review site, commercial website, company website, services website…etc). Techniques of achieving this are different but these elements must be created properly to achieve basic technical optimisation.

  • Declaration for which market the website is built
  • Sitemap, Robots.txt
  • Website verification
  • Proper structure of the website
  • Speed of the website
  • Image optimisation & tagging
  • UX
  • Schema markup & schema voice search markup

Content SEO (SEM)

Content SEO is all about the relevance of the content on the website. No matter if you are running the business which is offering services or selling products, you need to give your customers answers they are expecting. Assuming that users and crawlers will figure out that on their own is one of the biggest mistakes and reason why your website is in dark.

Blog content is also important because it gives your website different dimension and it helps you to write about specific things which are important to some users but there is no logical place to put that content on regular pages. Answering specific questions related to your business is beneficiary to your users and if users have benefits crawlers tend to give those websites more authority.


In the past, backlinks were much bigger ranking factor than today, so most of the SEO guys were putting 100% of their effort on getting backlinks. Today backlinks still have an important role but not even close as they were before. 
Buying backlinks is a very dangerous technique and it can hurt your website because crawlers algorithm is very efficient in discovering patterns and bought backlinks. There are legit ways of getting backlinks, but get them is much harder because it requires from you to be heavily involved in different activities (writing good content which others find useful for them or be present on some activities so other members can give you kudos).

Social networks

This one is tricky. Google, Yahoo, Bing claim that social networks activities not affecting ranking but if a social activity is stronger it will give more traffic on the website, more engagement, direct traffic, more brand search. All those secondary activities which are a result of strong campaigns on social channels are an important ranking factor.


Same as with Social Networks Activity, advertising of the website is not affecting ranking directly, but all those secondary results of advertising are big ranking factors.

Simon Carol
Simon Carol
Dundalk, Co. Louth SEO Specialist and Entrepreneur with passion for SEO.

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