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May 30, 2019
Technical SEO
Technical SEO
July 15, 2019

Keywords are the most important element of any SEO strategy because your website and your business is successful as much your keyword strategy.

This article is mainly dedicated to provide you clear ideas how to decide which keywords are most important for your business and how to create relevant content to improve ranking…

Understanding your targeted audience is key for successful keyword research.

Most often mistakes of business owners is that they think they know everything about their business and they know for which keywords they need ranking. This takes them to expensive highly competitive advertising campaigns in which big players are present. As result of that business model we are experiencing unsatisfied companies which are spending more than earning.

Listening to your audience can give you inputs how to create successful keyword strategy.

For example your Client is a manufacturer of new high end windows which provide excellent insulation.
You know that his windows are state of the art and they have 8 insulation chambers 4 glazed window filled with insulation gas, sun resistant sealing rubber and 20 year guarantee.
But his buyers are looking for following terms “How to save on heating?”, ” Are the cheap windows really cheap?”, “How to insulate house?”, “What are the best windows?”.His buyers are 80% homeowners and not professionals (Builders)
Buyers are located locally and website has tone of writing for International buyers
So, how to discover keywords?


Keyword planning tools


Paid tools

There are many ways, the most popular way is to use professional tools like SEM Rush, A-Hrefs, Moz, etc. We honestly think that SEM Rush give you great results and helps you a lot with your SEO campaigns. But there are even free methods to discover them.
90% of the searches as result have related searches results on the bottom of search result page. Those related searches are highly in correlation with your business and tell you in which direction you should go.


Using Social Networks to find out what is Trending

Second keyword discovery strategy is based on social networks and YouTube. Every search on social network will give you input about related searches and if you notice crowd of comments and discussions on certain topic you are on the right place.
You tube is one of the best resources for keyword research because they always trying to deliver you content which is trending, like highly interesting videos with active discussions.

Google trends and keyword planner are also available tools which will give you relevant information about volume and trending keywords.
Pay attention on related questions? Answering questions which are related with your business is one of the really strong ranking factors. Try to add them all on your FAQ page.

Be aware that none of those tools should be used exclusively. Sometimes they can give you false information especially for some local markets.
So when you have initial set of keywords it is time to take a look at keyword difficulty and keyword volume. Those are strong factors and your efforts should be highly driven by that information. Higher volume and keyword difficulty means that competition is high and probably will not be easy to rank.

Pay attention on conversion rate of some lower volume keywords

Depending on the type of business your company is some small volume keywords are easy wins, and sometimes those keywords have better conversion ratio. Some keyword like “inward opening window” can have better conversion than word with much higher volume like “double glazed window”.

Why is that?

Simply general search like “double glazed window” is a term which most of us who are informative interested will look. But “inward opening window” is a term which is searched by the people which already have all information and now looking for specific product.

There are many free tools which can be used for discovering  relevant keywords and creating your strategy but it is not always in tools there is more in way you deliver information to user, and if user like it crawlers will understand it and give you a boost.

Simon Carol
Simon Carol
Dundalk, Co. Louth SEO Specialist and Entrepreneur with passion for SEO.

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